Labor protection and safety

Preserving the life and health of employees and compliance with the requirements of contracts, customer standards, current legislative and other regulatory legal acts of state supervision and control bodies are necessary conditions for our activities.

Preserving the life and health of employees - the main priority of the company at all stages of project implementation

We believe that any accident can be prevented by applying the Safety Management System:

  • Our Labor Protection Department has sufficient competence and qualifications to provide methodological and technical resources for employees and clients;
  • Our employees are constantly trained in safety measures in order to further reduce risks in the workplace, prevent harm to themselves and their work colleagues;
  • The weekly audit of the construction site by the heads of key departments allows you to constantly keep the situation under control and make the necessary management decisions in a timely manner;
  • Our managers and security specialists investigate all incidents to determine the root causes and to prevent similar occurrences in the future;
  • The active participation of our employees in safety committees, audits and inspections allows us to pay detailed attention to all aspects of safe labor;
  • Our designers, engineers and designers are making maximum efforts to reduce risks even at the design and planning stages of each project;
  • We work closely with our suppliers, subcontractors and consultants to provide a safe working environment for our employees and future customers.

"ASG-CONSTRUCTION" guarantees the customer a timely response to the necessary changes, taking measures to minimize legal and reputational risks and eliminates any possibility of violation of the current legislation.

Safety first!