Quality control

The quality of construction and installation work is ensured by implementing a set of technical, economic, and organizational measures of effective control at all stages of building products.

Our quality is the key to our strong and long-term customer relationships. The process of quality control at all stages allows us to remain leaders in the service market.

Quality control at the facility:

  • entrance control
  • Laboratory control
  • Operational control
  • Acceptance inspection

The quality of construction and installation work is ensured by implementing a set of technical, economic, and organizational measures of effective control at all stages of building products. Quality control of construction and installation work is carried out on the basis of Construction Norms and Rules (SNiP 12.01.-2004, SNiP 3.03.01-87, SNiP 1.02.01-87, SNiP 2.01.02-87, SNiP 2.04.09-87), instructions BCH-600-81, OST 25-548-75, BCH 25.09.68-85, RTM25-488-82.

Production quality control includes: input control of working documentation, structures, products, materials and equipment, operational control of individual construction processes or production operations and acceptance control of construction and installation work.

When the input control of the working documentation is checked, its completeness and sufficiency of technical information contained in it for the work is checked. The input control of the working, including design and estimate documentation, is carried out by the Project Manager. When the input control of building structures, products, materials and equipment is checked by external inspection of their compliance with the requirements of standards and other regulatory documents, as well as instrumental means, the conformity of their working documentation.

The input quality control of structures, products, materials and equipment (completeness, availability of passports, certificates and other accompanying documents) is carried out by the manufacturer.

Operational control is carried out in the course of construction processes and manufacturing operations, and is designed to ensure the timely detection of defects and the adoption of measures to eliminate them.

In operational control, compliance with the technology of construction processes, compliance of work performed with working drawings, building codes, rules and standards are checked.

The results of operational control are recorded in the work log.

The main documents for operational control are regulatory documents of part 3 of the SNiP, technological (typical technological) maps and schemes of operational quality control. The schemes of operational quality control contain sketches of structures with an indication of tolerances in dimensions, lists of operations or processes controlled by the foreman (master) with the participation, if necessary, of a construction laboratory, geodetic or other special control services.

Operational control is exercised by the workman, and the supervision of its implementation is the Project Manager. Operational control in all cases ends with acceptance control.

At the acceptance inspection, the quality control of the construction and installation works, as well as the responsible structures, is carried out.

Responsible structures, as they are ready, are subject to acceptance in the construction process (with the participation of a representative of the project organization or field supervision) with the preparation of an intermediate acceptance certificate for the structures in accordance with the form given in SNiP 3.03.01-87 (iril.7).

When constructing complex and unique objects, acts of acceptance of critical structures and examination of hidden works are drawn up taking into account instructions and technical conditions of a project (working draft).

At all stages of construction, in order to verify the effectiveness of previously performed production control, inspection control is selectively carried out.

Inspection quality control of work performed, compliance with technology, correctness and timeliness of execution of as-built documentation is carried out:

  • Quality Commission, which is formed by the order of the head of the company;
  • construction laboratory;
  • technical supervision of the Customer;
  • author's supervision of the project organization.

Upon commissioning of the facility, acceptance control is carried out by members of a special commission.

Acceptance of work performed on general construction works is carried out by the technical supervision of the customer in accordance with SNiP 3.03.01-87. and the rules for the commissioning of buildings VSN-42-85 (P).

According to the results of production and inspection quality control of construction and installation works, measures are being developed to eliminate the identified defects, while also taking into account the requirements of field supervision / design organizations and state supervision and control bodies operating on the basis of special provisions.