Installation of electrical and low voltage systems

We carry out installation of equipment for power supply systems up to 35 kV: from obtaining technical conditions, developing design and working documentation to installing, commissioning and commissioning the object to the customer and supervisory authorities

We use modern project management software, creating a single information space.

We design, complete and assemble:

  • Low voltage systems:
    • Power supply
    • security and fire alarm
    • Smoke protection
    • Dispatching
    • Video monitoring
    • Access control and management
    • Structured cable networks
    • Automatic fire extinguishing installation (gas, powder, water, foam)
  • Electrical systems:
    • Power supply
    • Electric lighting
    • Power equipment
  • Grounding and lightning protection systems

We minimize the client's operating expenses for the payment of consumed electricity and maintenance costs of installed equipment

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Modern production cannot be imagined without the automation of technological processes of the enterprise.

Automation of production processes with the introduction of modern technology management systems, conveyor and packaging equipment, palletizing, sorting, cooling systems and water supply, ventilation and air conditioning provides the customer with the possibility of remote monitoring and control.

The electrical measurement laboratory of the company is registered with the Moscow Department of the Gosgortekhnadzor with the right to perform acceptance tests, preventive tests and measurements of electrical equipment and electrical installations with voltages up to 1000 V.

Electro-measuring laboratory

Electrotechnical laboratory LLC "ASG-CONSTRUCTION" is a complex of special equipment and professional skills of employees, which is able to perform a wide range of works in the field of electric power industry

Контактное лицо:

Denis Obraztsov

Head of electrical measuring laboratory
  • +7-925-897-15-62
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Services of electro-measuring laboratory

  • Measurement of the resistance of grounding devices of all types and determination of the resistivity of the earth;
  • Measurement of the resistance of the "phase-zero" circuit and the current of the "phase-zero" circuit;
  • Checking the operation of circuit breaker releases;
  • Check the presence of a circuit between the grounding and grounded parts and electrical components;
  • Measurement of insulation resistance;
  • Measurements of power, current and voltage;
  • Measurement of resistance to direct current;
  • Checking the operation of the RCD (residual current circuit breaker);
  • Measurement of light;
  • Phasing of transformers, overhead and cable power lines;
  • Testing of transformers up to 35 kV;
  • Testing and commissioning of power-system protection facilities;
  • Testing insulation of electrical equipment and cable power lines with increased voltage;
  • Testing of dielectric rubber protection equipment;
  • Testing of insulating rods, voltage indicators, electrical tongs;
  • Testing of fitting and assembly tools;
  • Measurement of electricity;
  • Trace cable lines;
  • Other work ETL.