Technical customer

Possessing expert knowledge of legislation and principles of working with government agencies, ASG-CONSTRUCTION acts as a technical customer, effectively protecting the interests of the investor

The enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility of our employees, supported by strategy, methods and technical competencies, determine the success of the entire project.

We build partnerships with all participants in the negotiation process and minimize business and technical risks.

List of work performed:

  • Collection of initial permits
  • Organization of engineering surveys
  • Support of project documentation in the examination
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Commissioning of the object

We lay the foundation for the future efficiency and reliability of the entire production.

Punctual adherence to contractual obligations and the desire to find the right solutions in case of inconsistencies and uncertainties guarantee the preservation of good partnership with our customers during the construction period and in the future.

At all stages of the project, we are responsible for the safety, environmental friendliness and quality of the materials used.

The results of the stages of construction work are recorded in a timely manner, checked and documented with the necessary documents, which lays the foundation for the successful commissioning of the object.

Coordination of the parties involved, a streamlined organizational structure of the project, rapid response to emerging changes form a stable, transparent, manageable control system